Welcome to the New Kratom Website

As you have probably noticed, the website is in the process of a redesign.

Steve Brooks has run the circuit site diligently for several years but decided to pass on the reins, so the (dubious) honour now falls to me. I am sure I speak for us all when I say a big thanks to Steve for all his hard work behind the scenes, and for his continued help in handing things over.

We plan to repurpose the site to be able to sell kratom! It will also have loads of info on the topic of course.

We’re going to be distributing kratom soon as a business, and it is our plan to use the site mainly for this purpose. We will be partnering with ww.kratommasters.com/, and assist them in providing a place with a wealth of information on the benefits of kratom.

We hope that you join us and that you are able to learn about kratom through us, and maybe consider taking it as well.

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