For online shopping, mobile devices are more useful than desktop computers due to faster internet connections and lighter computing loads and the fact that users can still use all of those coupon codes found at Raise is simply more convenient. Furthermore, web applications run on mobile devices, and most of them have the ability to make payments through mobile devices.

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Mobile is preferred for online shopping

The industry association said that it estimated the number of people who shopped online on mobile devices and tablets increased from 60 million in 2009 to 90 million in 2013, while the number of mobile app users is increasing even faster. Mobile devices are faster and are capable of processing the same amount of information as desktop computers. The majority of mobile devices allow users to access the internet from anywhere without requiring their internet service provider (ISP) to provide a wired connection. It said that the number of people who can easily access the internet through their mobile phone increased by 38 million between 2010 and 2013, and is now more than 400 million. The industry association said that most of these users access the internet from their mobile phone, tablets or other portable devices.

However, it also pointed out that the number of people who access the internet via their phone has been growing steadily. This is because the majority of users choose not to use broadband or the mobile data connection provided by their carrier in order to keep their data allowance. However, the number of people accessing the internet through a mobile device is expected to increase by over half a billion by 2020.

There are two main ways in which the internet is used in Indonesia. It can be accessed through ISPs (Internet Service Providers), which are the companies that connect the users to the internet via their home or office computers. The second way is by users accessing the internet through public Wi-Fi hotspots. The third method is by users accessing the internet over their mobile phones.

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